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Before and after Socrates

by F. M. Cornford

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Release Date: 03 January, 1932

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: F. M. Cornford. Before and after Socrates


The fundamentals of Greek philosophy, ranging from Ionianscience to Aristotle, is given here in four brief but thorough lectures. I am not at all well versed in Greek philosophy, though I have occasion to say that F.M. Cornford's presentation of Socrates is the best I've read. He of course denotes the contributions of Plato, Pythagorus, and Aristotle.

In the fashion of Plato he comments on Socrates-the-man. How that he was ahead of his time, how that he had a forceful presence. He then moves on to Socratic thought. The only other lecture on Socrates that comes close to this is Karl's Jaspers "Socrates, Buddha, Confucious, Jesus."

I cannot enough say how well executed this work is. If you are student of philosophy (like me), read this right away.

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Don't know much about history...Don't know much philosophy..

But I do know that I love the writings of F.M. Cornford. He explains the writings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle in such a way that it becomes entirely relevant to these days in which we live. Why are we the way we are? What were the beliefs of the ancient thinkers? Some of them were so tenacious in their beliefs that they were willing to give their lives for them. As a searcher of truth, this book spoke to me. Explains the "laws of nature" vs. the "laws of state" and why the former is more preferable than the latter. Cornford is a genius.

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