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Aristotle's Economic Thought

by Scott Meikle

Buy the book: Scott Meikle. Aristotle's Economic Thought

Release Date: April, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Scott Meikle. Aristotle's Economic Thought

The best book on the subject

There are very few thinkers, if any, whose work has been discussed by others as much as Artistotle. His influence on western thought on almost any subject has been immense. Dryden's lament that humanity have made the Stagirite's "torch their universal light" gives a measure of his influence. So the claim that Scott Meikle's book is the best on the subject is very strong indeed. But I think it is wholly justified. For Meikle discusses only the great philosopher's economic thought. And he is a master of his subject. His knowledge of the texts is profound matched only by his mastery of the literature, ancient and modern, his comments relevant, his prose beautiful and his arguments convincing. Even though he is not an economist he displays a surpisingly deep understanding of economic theory and history of economic thought.

His book is a collection of essays with enough structure to be read as a complete book. He examines A.'s analysis in Nicomachean Ethics and Politics and discusses modern interpretations of his thought. He argues for the existence of an economic thought in Aristotle, against the arguments of authorities such as Schumpeter (with his almost patronising view) or Finley who wrote the (new) Palgrave entry on Aristotle. He also argues convincingly against a neoclassical interpretation of Aristotle, a view that has crept in even in authoritative translations of the Nicomachean Ethics text.

If you want to understand the great philosoopher's economic thought, Meikle's book is the place to start....

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jigga man

this was an intriging book that lead to my revival. Without this both of my views towards economic behaviors and theories would not be able to exist and penetrate throught the ills of an intangible society. Both philosophy and economics deal with the soul individual and aristotle a genius of all time deals with many profound issues that the individual must command to gather success and demand virtue.

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