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81. Aristotle on the Necessity of Public Education
by Randall R. Curren

82. Aristotle on the Parts of Animals (Clarendon Aristotle Series)
by James G. Lennox, Aristotle

83. Aristotle on the Perfect Life
by Anthony Kenny

84. Aristotle Poetics: Longinus on the Sublime, Demetrius on Style (Loeb Classical Library, L199)
by Aristotle, Stephen Halliwell, W. H. Fyfe, etc.

85. Aristotle the Philosopher
by J. L. Ackrill

86. Aristotle the Physics: Loeb 255, Books V-VIII
by Francis M. Cornford, Aristotle, P. H. Wicksteed

87. Aristotle's Best Regime: Kingship, Democracy and the Rule of Law (Political Traditions in Foreign Policy)
by Clifford Angell, Jr. Bates

88. Aristotle's Categories and De Interpretatione (Clarendon Aristotle Series)
by Aristotle, J.L. Ackrill, J. L. Judson, etc.

89. Aristotle's De Generatione Et Corruptione
by C.F.J. Williams, Aristotle, C. S. Williams

90. Aristotle's De Interpretatione: Contradiction and Dialectic (Oxford Aristotle Studies)
by C. W. A. Whitaker

91. Aristotle's De Motu Animalium
by Martha C. Nussbaum

92. Aristotle's Economic Thought
by Scott Meikle

93. Aristotle's Ethics
by James O. Urmson

94. Aristotle's Ethics
by David Bostock

95. Aristotle's First Principles
by Terence H. Irwin

96. Aristotle's Metaphysics Lambda: Symposium Aristotelicum (Symposia Aristotelica)
by England Symposium Aristotelicum 1996 Oxford, David Charles, Michael Frede

97. Aristotle's Metaphysics th 1-3: On the Essence and Actuality of Force (Studies in Continental Thought)
by Martin Heidegger, Walter Brogan, Aristotle, etc.

98. Aristotle's Modal Logic : Essence and Entailment in the Organon
by Richard Patterson

99. Aristotle's on the Art of Poetry
by Aristotle, Gilbert Murray, Ingram Bywater

100. Aristotle's Philosophy of Friendship (Suny Series in Ancient Greek Philosophy)
by Suzanne Stern-Gillet

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