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Add Feng Shui Consulting - Graduate from Lillian Too’s Institute of Feng Shui in Malaysia, Agnes Dumanget provides consultation services in France and abroad

Free Tarot Readings from Tarot by Woodsong - Receive free tarot readings every week

Techno-Feng-Shui - We enter the new millennium surrounded by various mechanisms and machines. Highly developed countries face such problem as strong degradation of human personality which becomes similar to robots, manipulated by mass media and advertising. People experience a crisis of their personality and feel constant emotional discomfort. The only way out of this increasing crisis is coming back to our roots, to the ancient esoteric knowledge, accumulated over thousands of years. However an attempt to delay all modern achievements and technosphere around us would be a mistake. Our task is to unify all this. One of the elements of such unification is adaptation of the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and other geomantic traditions to conditions of modern life and the world around us.

marip.com - Feng Shui, Reiki, I Ching. How to tap into the surrounding energy to insure well being, prosperity and health. Chinese traditional Feng Shui and I Ching, Japonese traditional Reiki for individuals and professionnals. Eric Spirau & Nathalie Mourier have a Mastery Feng Shui Diploma from Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and do consultations, conferences, trainings in France and foreign countries. Articles, tips, a kua calculator, a free I Ching consultation.

Feng Shui Ultimate Resource - Big collection of articles and essays about feng shui and its applications and development in various fields including news, gardening, cosmetics, celtic feng shui, discussing of social phenomena connected feng shui with other areas. Free feng shui tip. Reviews of books about feng shui, links to other articles of some famous feng shui masters.

American Feng Shui Institute - Information about feng shui classes, includind online classes, calendar of classes, bookstore, articles about institute instructors, frequently asked questions, basics, principles of feng shui.

Feng Shui News - Website dedicated to the study and practice of traditional feng shui. Includes articles, tips, information about seminars, feng shui consultants, list of feng shui books, some feng shui products which you can order online. Feng shui decorating tip.

World Of Feng Shui Online - Website of online feng shui magazine. Includes bi-weekly newsletter with tips by author Lillian Too, insightful interviews with world famous personalities, updates on the latest happenings, etc. Events, forums, a feng shui almanac, free feng shui tips, feng shui e-cards, feng shui shopping.

Feng Shui Society - Website of UK Feng Shui Society. Information about its activity and news: feng shui cources, training, events, journal, contact info.

www.colorfengshui.com - The unique alliance of Color Pscyhology and Feng Shui provides solutions for both personal and professional problems.

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