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A Thousand Paths to Wisdom

by David Baird

Buy the book: David Baird. A Thousand Paths to Wisdom

Release Date: April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: David Baird. A Thousand Paths to Wisdom

Listing incorrect-should be "A Thousand Paths to Tranquility

A simple collection of tranquil thoughts...can be found in David Baird's collection of 1000 thoughts.

Baird nicely separates the thoughts topically, from "Tranquility Found" to "Tranquility Lost", and all situations in between.

This is a great collection when you are looking for phrases and words to inspire others, to "de-stress" an environment, to understand when "that change will do you good". More simplistic than the original, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff", Baird's book is one of those items that lays on your desk within reach, only to be opened whenever you are losing perspective or your sense of self.

A great source of quiet inspiration, Baird's book was with me when I lost a job, and when I lost and subsequently found, a daughter. Where else can you find gems attributable to the ages, from Aristotle to Woody Allen?

Keep it handy, buy it for others, treasure it.

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Realistic comments on life.

"A Thousand Paths to Wisdom" is a compilation of thoughts and phrases that have been handed down through the years. It is a mixture of humor and wit and intellect. It's basic and down to earth... truism at its best. I plan to purchase four or five copies to use at work to help develop speaking skills of employees who work for me. I'm planning on three half-hour... little more... sessions a week with five people. You start by having them seated and reading two pages out loud... going around the table one-by-one. By the end of the half-hour they have had the opportunity to probably read eight to ten pages. The intimidation level is minimal and they get used to hearing their own voices. Once that comfort level is achieved you have them stand behind a podium, still reading from the book, then gradually needing no props at all. This book is perfect for what I want to achieve for my employees: insightful and builds confidence.

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