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Magnolia DVD

Magnolia DVD Starring: John C. Reilly, Tom Cruise, et al.
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
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Ksan's Review

We might be through with the past,
but the past ain't through with us.

Film-revolution. Film about life, about complexity of the world, about the importance of sincerity, about the real Love. It tells that Love will not die until Life exists. Life, which can not be without Love. It's a film which turned me inside out, which MADE me see.

Love is the most complicated, the most delicate of all what exists in the World. In fact, Love is the World. That, real, constantly changing and madly beautiful world. And every person is a keeper of this complicated pattern, a keeper and a source. Everyone. I saw that mostly valuable is freedom, love. This things are so delicate and complicated, and every second we make a choice. Our freedom also depends on this choice. And this choices are like threads that run through all the world in all directions. Love is a part of this "complicated something", it is present in every moment. As a Man and a Soul exist, the same way World and Love do. One in another.

When you give something - you take a great responsibility. You a responsible for not destroying this delicate life by your actions. And when you decide to be with another person - it's a decision to be responsible for keepeing not only your World, your Love, but also his (her) World. It's a great responsibiblity. It is the greatest existing responsibility. And you should pass through it, feel it.
The magic of "Magnolia" is not in coincidences, in unusial, but in life, in that life, which goes around you every day.
After watching the film remains a pleasant after-taste of something strange. Something deep, complicated, which seems to be incomprehensible. Which can't be expressed in words.
And smile in the eyes of my friends with whom I just watched "Magnolia". They know what I'm thinking about.

From Zen.Ru journal
Translated by Smile

Amazon.com Editorial Review

A handful of people in the San Fernando Valley are having one hell of a day. TV mogul Earl Partridge (Jason Robards) is on his deathbed; his trophy wife (Julianne Moore) is popping pills with alarming frequency. Earl's nurse (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is trying desperately to get in touch with Earl's only son, sex guru Frank T.J. Mackey (Tom Cruise), who's about to have his carefully constructed past blown by a TV reporter (April Grace). Whiz kid Stanley (Jeremy Blackman) is being goaded by his selfish dad into breaking the record for the game show What Do Kids Know? Meanwhile, Stanley's predecessor, the grown-up quiz kid Donnie Smith (William H. Macy) has lost his job and is nursing a severe case of unrequited love. And the host of What Do Kids Know?, the affable Jimmy Gator (Philip Baker Hall), like Earl, is dying of cancer, and his attempt to reconcile with his cokehead daughter (Melora Walters) fails miserably. She, meanwhile, is running hot and cold with a cop (John C. Reilly) who would love to date her, if she can sit still for long enough. And over it all, a foreboding sky threatens to pour something more than just rain. This third feature from Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights) is a maddening, magnificent piece of filmmaking, and it's an ensemble film to rank with the best of Robert Altman--every little piece of the film means something, and it's solidly there for a reason. Deftly juggling a breathtaking ensemble of actors, Anderson crafts a tale of neglectful parents, resentful children, and love-starved souls that's amazing in scope, both thematically and emotionally. Part of the charge of Magnolia is seeing exactly how may characters Anderson can juggle, and can he keep all those balls in air (indeed he can, even if it means throwing frogs into the mix). And it's been far too long since we've seen a filmmaker whose love of making movies is so purely joyful, and this electric energy is reflected in the actors, from Cruise's revelatory performance to Reilly's quietly powerful turn as the moral center of the story. While at three hours it's definitely not suited to everyone's taste, Magnolia is a compelling, heartbreaking, ultimately hopeful mediation on the accidents of chance that make up our lives. Featuring eight wonderful songs by Aimee Mann, including "Save Me."

Mark Englehart

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