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The Million Dollar Hotel DVD

The Million Dollar Hotel DVD Starring: Jeremy Davies, Milla Jovovich et al.
Director: Wim Wenders
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Neon_wolf's Review

The truth is the explanation that most people want to buy

There's been a lot of debating over whether or not this film deserves its Berlin Silver Bear award. In my mind it deserves more than that, for this is truly a remarkable film.

The Million Dollar Hotel is a home for outcasts and mentally unstable people. Once it was probably a high-class place, but time has taken its toll and it is now merely a parody of itself. Inhabitants include a mad Indian Chief wannabe (played by Jimmy Smits), a guy who thinks he's a member of the Beatles (hilariously played by Peter Stormare) the retarded "hero" of the story Tom Tom (Jeremy Davies) and the shadowy, silent Elouise (Milla Jovovich) who he has a serious crush on. One day Tom Tom's nearest friend fall off the roof of the hotel, and foul play is suspected. It is then up to an FBI Special Agent (Mel Gibson) to find the murderer. This is no easy task indeed!

What sets this movie apart from the mainstream is that it oozes atmosphere and that is dares to be *different*. Director Wim Wenders has taken the story by none other than Bono from U2 and worked his magic on it. The result is a visually stunning film with some of the most intense moments I've ever seen. Add the amazing soundtrack, also by Bono, and the excellent performances by all actors and the result should be obvious: an instant classic.

Bear in mind, though, that this is my opinion of the movie. It is shared by a couple of my friends, but other reviewers have strongly criticised the film. I fail to see why, but it just seems to be one of those movies that people either love or hate. In any case I strongly recommend seeing it, if only to experience its intense, sad beauty. This is indeed no cheerful film, but it does have its fair share of funny quirky moments.

The Million Dollar Hotel is one of those rare movies that touch something deep inside me, and leaves me speechless. What can I possibly say other than: see it!

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