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The Druid of Shannara

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Buy the book: . The Druid of Shannara

A real fantasy novel

This book is extremely good. I think it is the most beutifully written book in the Shannara series, The first two chapters are perfect, I have read those chapters over and over again. I think what probably makes this book excellent is the fact that the plot is not only comprised of we have to kill a big bad guy and save the world, but it also had the emotional aspect of the characters to make the plot even more interesting(if that is possible). Pe ell has been sent to kill this elemental, but for some reason, he can't bring himself to do it, this leads him to be increasingly argumentative with the rest of the travellers. Walker boh cannot take possession of the Black Elfstone unless he can accept what is to happen to him ( I won't give the story away). Morgan Leah has fallen in love with an elemental, which is obviously going to lead to big emotional problems. The last part of the book was one of the most powerful things I've ever read. It is amazing how Uhl Belk is not simply a mindless bad guy, but has feeling just as the good guys do. In the end, he doesn't try to kill them, he tells them to flee, and we even see Evidence of both Walker boh and Quickening feeling bad about how they have destroyed Uhl Belk's familiar way of life. For those of you who like the less mindless, typical get the artifact and use it to kill the bad guy story( usually without character developpment or a good) then I recommedn this book. This book is not mindless, it is not boring, if you enjoy emotional battles as well as physical ones. This book is excellent, and it is one of the best that I have ever read. I think that it can easily compare to 'Of Mice and Men' and 'To Kill a Mickingbird'.

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Far better than Scions, moves the story right along

I finished reading Druid about 3 days ago, and it was just plain awesome. Scions, which I read probably a week ago, was far less engaging and uninteresting for much of the book. I liked Druid because it has much more action, drama, and is just overall more complete feeling. Walker Boh starts to finally be interesting, Morgan Leah matures, and Pe Ell and Quickening make excellent additional characters to the world of Shannara. Difficulties, conflicts, triumph, love, victory and loss, all of these can be found in Druid of Shannara and make for an excellent book. I had to give it a 4 out of 5 however because I found Elfstones to be far better, so to give Druid a 5 would be an injustice to Elfstones. So, though this book is awesome, you need to read Scions first for it to make much sense. If you didn't like Scions much, try Druid anyway, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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