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Druid Priestess, New Edition

by Emma Restall Orr

Buy the book: Emma Restall Orr. Druid Priestess, New Edition

Release Date: 01 May, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Emma Restall Orr. Druid Priestess, New Edition

Discover the spiritual side of paganism

My review of this book may not be completely unbiased. I had the honor of meeting Emma Restall Orr on a journey to Great Britain last year. She is an amazing person whose spirit touched me very deeply in the few short hours that we were together. I have never before met someone who exudes both peace and quiet-confidence in quite the way she does.

Needless to say, I read this book as soon as I got back. I have been trying to follow a solo pagan path with little guidance other than books for the last year or two. Unfortunatley, I've found that most of the "how-to" guides don't really clarify the feeling that's trying to be achieved. They tend to be very mechanical. Druid Priestess really helped me understand the emotional/spiritual side of the choice of a pagan path. This revelation is apparent in her book regardless of whether her conversations with spirits happen in "real" life or wholly in her mind. Whether you read the book as non-fiction, fiction, or fantasy, it's still beautifully written with a presentation of the spiritual concept of paganism rather than just the say-this-rhythm-while-lighting-a-candle side.

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Druid Priestess

I agree that this is not a "how-to" book. What it is, however,
is one woman's journal--intimate, at times, --fantastical, at times, and most definitely: thought-provoking much of the time!
I agree with the other Reviewers that the author failed to differentiate between the 'real' world and the other real world,
but aside from that, I enjoyed getting an 'inside' look into the world of a Druid priestess. Inside look into her thoughts, rather.
Emma Restall Orr's writing reminded me of Louise Erdich. Tight
writing with good description. Overall, I've enjoyed this book
and I would recommend it.

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