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Druid Animal Oracle Deck & Book Set

by U S Games Systems

Buy the book: U S Games Systems. Druid Animal Oracle Deck & Book Set

Release Date: September, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: U S Games Systems. Druid Animal Oracle Deck & Book Set

The Druid Animal Oracle-Beautiful Book & Card Set!

The Druid Animal Oracle was wonderful esthetically & spiritually. A Chiste Agus a Stór! Just beautiful. Another nice thing that Phillip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm do for the readers, is to put the names of the animals neatly in a guide that gives the Gaelic name & the Modern English name side by side. I was so enchanted by the cards & the book that i was flooded with a desire & the energy to memorize the cards & book completely before putting it down. I was deeply touched by it. I showed it to others & we all enjoyed it together. Also there were a few blank cards that you could put a creature on, in case one you want is not already included. I used one of mine for a Dolphin & one for a giant SeaTurtle. I would highly recommend this book & card set for yourself or for a precious gift for another.Moran Taing! Slán

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Skillful ancient images&legends from the Euro/UK psyche.

A wonderful tool to join with the spirit of nature's creatures. The depth of imagery in these cards is just breathtaking when you first see them. Their blend of western european traditions is unsurpassed in the details of each line and color used (both in the main images, and in the "talking" border of plants). A must for any student of nature's history - either spiritual or as an animal lover.

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