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Celtic Rites & Rituals: Witches, Druids & Seasonal Festivals

by Rhuddlwm Gawr

Buy the book: Rhuddlwm Gawr. Celtic Rites & Rituals: Witches, Druids & Seasonal Festivals

Release Date: June, 1985

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Rhuddlwm Gawr. Celtic Rites & Rituals: Witches, Druids & Seasonal Festivals

I was Stunned

I read the book first and then logged back on to read all the reviews. I'd never done that before. I'd expected to see some thoughtful reactions and, of course, I have.

What left me "stunned" were the viciously ignorant ravings of the one-star reviewers. My first thought was that they must be part of a deliberate campaign - okay, conspiracy - to shout the authors down. My second thought was, "No,a deliberate campaign would suggest a measure of intelligent planning, arming them with facts, encouraging them to sound as if they'd actually read the book, etc."

So instead I'm just saddened to realize that there are some dangerously stupid people out there. I say saddened, but not surprised, and I do mean dangerous. Throughout history, tyrants seem to have had no trouble recruiting death squads numbering in the tens of thousands. They were recruited, I'm sure, from the
same simple minded simps that have given this book a one star rating.

I really liked the book. It has terrific ensights into Welsh Craft.

Excellent Read

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Rites and Rituals for Welsh Witches

Celtic Rites and Rituals is a fantastic book. It was written by Taliesin einion Vawr, Merridden Gawr and Rhuddlwm Gawr. I met Taliesin in 1996 in Betws-y-coed. He was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He knew Wales history better than most so called "welsh historians". He also knew a large number of old school Witches: Roy Bowers, Doreen Valiente, and Wilkerson. I understand Taliesin also passed away a few years ago. He was well known in the Northern Wales area among "real" Witches for Witchcraft teachings.

Rites and Rituals was one of the first books that I read dealing with the subject of ritual construction. I found it refreshing in that it didn't espouse "goddess worship only" or basic magick. I did find that it could induce paranoia. Most Welsh Pagans don't like it because it was primarily published by an American. And it talks about Welsh Faerie Witchcraft. It actually gave the process that a true Welsh Witch would have to undergo before they would be able to perform ritual. And because it is authentic Witchcraft which has a core of traditional philosophy and an aura of modern techniques, they scoff at it for not appearing to be 10,000 years
old. I respect the author for putting up with the politically correct non-pagan reviewers who want to debase the book, because they don't like the spelling of some Welsh words. I hope they are getting something from the experience of attacking a real pagan religion which has many more adherents in Wales than they could ever imagine.

Most of Rites and Rituals deals with the spiritual connection to Welsh Rituals. He also seemed to have an obsession with trying to convey to the reader the emotional roller coaster he experienced as he continues his Spiritual Journey. In fact it is one of the few Witchcraft Books which focuses on spirituality instead of spells. But, it does contain rituals, festival descriptions, and some magick.

Celtic Rites and Rituals was very entertaining and there's one method that I did like alot. Meditation helps me to quiet myself and at the same time energize for an upcoming ritual. It helps the Witch to concentrate on the purpose of the ritual. I actually could picture myself experiencing what he experienced. Definitely different from a female authored book.

I read the previous few personal negative comments in these reviews about the Tradition. They are laughable. The founder of the American branch is one of the most ethical people I have ever met. I met him years ago at Festivals, Gatherings and book signings and I will have to say, he is warm, honest and a very caring individual.

People who trash people on the internet and defame their reputation with untrue statements need to get a life and need to start telling the truth.

Buy Celtic Rites and Rituals. It is a wonderful book.

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