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Druid Animal Oracle

by Philip Carr-gomm

Buy the book: Philip Carr-gomm. Druid Animal Oracle

Release Date: 01 February, 1995

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Philip Carr-gomm. Druid Animal Oracle

Powerful and Empowering

This is a very powerful set of cards to help one with issues surrounding one's life at the present. The accompanying book makes it very clear that this is not a tool for telling the future, but "offering insights into your own life and the events surrounding you". The deck contains 33 sacred animal cards relating in the "Druid tradition". The cards are big and beautifully illustrated. The book not only explains each card, but also goes into the detail of the Celtic tradition of the animal.

The introduction explains Druid traditions and connecting with the spirit of the animals, who are also our teachers. Native Americanism and Shamanism are also incorporated throughout the book, as these cultures also worked very closely with the animal spirits and learned to revere the animal spirits for daily guidance and healing. The book does explain quite nicely the difference between power animals and totems and inner guides. The last chapter of the book explains in great depth and detail on how to use the cards and to perform different spreads.

I found the cards quite powerful and found the messages imparted very timely and incredibly empowering. I would highly recommend this deck and book for anyone looking to connect to the wisdom and advice of the animal spirits. I found it to be on par with the Medicine Cards of Jamie Sams and David Carlson - both equally powerful and empowering, but this deck concentrates on the lore and wisdom of the Druids.

Highly recommended!...

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The Druid Animal Oracle/Be sure to get the Cards with it!

The Druid Animal Oracle was wonderful esthetically & spiritually. A Chiste Agus a Stór! Just beautiful. Another nice thing that Phillip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm do for the readers, is to put the names of the animals neatly in a guide that gives the Gaelic name & the Modern English name side by side. I was so enchanted by the cards & the book that i was flooded with a desire & the energy to memorize the cards & book completely before putting it down. I was deeply touched by it. I showed it to others & we all enjoyed it together. I recommend getting the book kit that includes the colour cards done by Bill with it, instead of just the B&W book alone.Also there were a few blank cards that you could put a creature on, in case one you want is not already included. I used one of mine for a Dolphin & one for a giant SeaTurtle.I would highly recommend this book & card set for yourself or for a precious gift for another.Moran Taing! Slán

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