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Celtic Lore: The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions

by Ward Rutherford

Buy the book: Ward Rutherford. Celtic Lore: The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions

Release Date: May, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ward Rutherford. Celtic Lore: The History of the Druids and Their Timeless Traditions

Poor use of ancient texts - Distortion of historical events!

One more anti-Hellenic (in it's elements) effort to idealize something beautiful, yet not perfect of a cultural phenomenon. Though i study Keltic civilization, Druidry and history for some 20 years, I can also read ancient texts from the original (MSc). Mr Rutherford obviously loves his forefathers and their culture, but instead of describing the REAL events he constantly compares to the Greeks; and he does so in a very unjust and awkward manner. For example, he starts by accounting the Keltic raid to Greece (Aellas) in 279 B.C. He exagerates the Kelts battling efficiency on the specific incidence and when he refers to their defeat he attributes it to the fact that they were not used in fighting in Winter conditions!!! ... And he finishes the book by noting "the Celts sojourn in Delfi was brief, but they had the last laugh" (p. 208)!
Here too one can witness this all the more to encounter tactic of downplaying the role and status of Ancient Greece in order to raise the one of another. Cyril Mango did it, Peter Kingsley did it, so why not? But in order to do so you have to have support from the texts and, like Mr Rutherford, all these gentlemen lack it. ...visit the actual place of the last battle at Kokkalia ('bones', archaeological site) that took it's name by the fact that the Kelts were all killed to the last and even today you can see the glimmering of phosphorus at night. [By the way, it is Kelts, not Celts, since in the texts they are first referred to -by the Greeks again- as 'Keltoi'. Or AT LAST, has anybody ever thought that Ogmios and Ogham take their name from ancient Greek 'ogmos' and 'ogmevo' which means 'furrow', 'score' or 'slash'?]
By all the above do not get me wrong: the Kelts i esteem high, their contribution to the history of the world i see in the brightest colors, but since i know the texts i cannot accept distortion and downplay. One should be able to fly by his own wings and not having to steal the wings of others. The Kelts they do not need to be compared for one to see their glory. Eventually, we should recognize the value of all in their proper background. After all, Greeks and Kelts they have a lot in common, as R. Graves or L. Spence have it.
Finally, it could be a good read, if you don't mind the truth.

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Excellent history without being dry!

This book is a good read and gives wonderful background information on the Celts and Druids. One of the first books I have read that actually gives more history on where the Celts came from and how they impacted others.

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