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Celtic Mysteries in New England

by Philip J. Imbrogno, Marianne Horrigan

Buy the book: Philip J. Imbrogno. Celtic Mysteries in New England

Release Date: February, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Philip J. Imbrogno. Celtic Mysteries in New England

an interesting look at an old mystery

I have been intriqued with the idea of ancient celtic contact with the New World ever since reading America B.C. I am impressed that the authors have taken this unusual approach of looking at the enigmatic barrows from a "paranormal" viewpoint, rather like a mystery that surrounds a mystery. If there is any deficiency that I have found it is that they authors seem to begin more with the assumption that the barrows are of ancient celtic origin and work from there, rather than spending more time supporting their conclusions regarding their origin. Still, it is enough to spark the imagination and, hopefully, to preserve these mysterious sites for the future.

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Really Makes you wonder

I read the book and found it one of the most interesting that I have read in years. I am familar with the authors and their last book Contact Of The Fifth Kind greatly impressed me so I had to read this one. Mr. Imbrogno is the first paranormal researcher that applies scientific principles to a conterversoil topic.. A great read.. I suggest the book to anyone who likes the paranormal, ancient history and a good mystery

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