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A Reformed Druid Anthology

by Michael Scharding

Buy the book: Michael Scharding. A Reformed Druid Anthology

Release Date: August, 1996

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Michael Scharding. A Reformed Druid Anthology

Availability of the Anthology

The Anthology is a useful resource for those who cannot make it to the International Druid Archives. It contains a number of useful documents from and about the history of Reformed Druidism, a section on past liturgy which is interesting both for the student of Reformed Druidism and also for any RDNA priest interested in using/creating their own rituals. Overall this is an interesting and worthwhile volume...

However it doesn't always seem to be available...but worry not. Copies of the ARDA are available for sale directly from Loomis House Press at http://www.loomishousepress.com/ and you can also preview the text (or download and print a copy) at http://orgs.carleton.edu/druids/ARDA/

And in a few months an updated version of the Anthology will be hitting bookshelves...I am eagerly awaiting it and it should be available by more or less the same channels when it comes out

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A pleasant smorgasborg of materials

I'm one of the assistant editors for this book.

The Anthology (ARDA) is a collection of 33 years of writings from the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA)The RDNA was founded in 1963 as a protest against mandatory religious attendence at Carleton College in Minnesota. So, the founders made up their own religion instead, and somehow, it continued even after the requirement was dropped. Every new class and graduate missionaries would mix Celtic customs, with a search for Awareness, Asian traditions and copious cheeky humor.

ARDA includes study guides, essays, liturgies, organizational trivia, stories, a lengthy history, and humorous materials that permit a deep understanding of our history and operations. It is rife with footnotes and explanatory passages. It is a psuedo-portable compilation (500 pages) of RDNA records from the massive Druid Archives at Carleton College, which also includes books and materials from other academia and Druid movements.

The RDNA (1963) were the first modern Druid groups in America. The well known ADF (1981) and Keltria (1986) and numerous groups split off from us, so to understand the quirks of Druidry in America, as opposed to European groups, you need to start with the beginning. It has very little material about the ancient Druids or Celts, you should only buy ARDA if you are interested in the evolution and thinking of modern Druidism.

I should inform you that a new edition will come out in 2003.

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