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Celt, Druid and Culdee

by Isabel H. Elder

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Release Date: March, 1990

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Isabel H. Elder. Celt, Druid and Culdee

Uninformed and innacurate

It would be nice if Ms. Elder's suppositions were based upon any kind of fact, but alas, they are not. While she creates a nice tale of the way things might have happened, she offers little support for her assertions and much of her information is incorrect.

The transition from 'Celtic' to Early Christian is extremely problematic and its study is not helped by those like Ms. Elder who would try to create a homogenized view of two very different cultural traditions.

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history of the transition of druidism to christianity

This is an excellent book for historical students and religous students. It is the only book that I have found that shines light on the Church founded by christian refugees from the then Roman held Britian that were accorded sanctuary in Ireland by the Kings and Druids, and granted land to establish their church.

This short books begins with a compacted review of the Celtic People and religion. I find it conflicting in some details from the majority of works, but in general a fine review for those wishing to understand the people who took in the early Christian Refugees.

The book than gives a moving account of the establishment of the Christian Church, known either as the Irish Church,the Culdee Church, or the British Church.

This follows into the acceptance of Chrisitianty as the fulfillment of their own religion by the Druids and a peaceful changeover to Christianity without either persecution or Martrydom. The Irish church then proceeded about the business o! f foreign conversions without force or persecution.

The latter chapters deal with the Roman Church's initial attempts to dominate the Irish Church, and their rebuttal. This is followed by a violent takeover, involving great loss of life, by the Roman Church.

The last chapter deals with the idea of Protestantism as an attempt to return to the ideals of the British Church. However in this, while I agree in general, I find the author a bit optimistic, as the protestants of England, with notable exceptions such as Good Queen Bess, then carry out further acts of violence against those they term 'unbelievers' which still go on to this day.

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