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The Living Word: Book 2

by Harold Klemp

Buy the book: Harold Klemp. The Living Word: Book 2

Release Date: May, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Harold Klemp. The Living Word: Book 2

Begin the return home to God today

The Living Word: Book 2 is a series of 36 short chapters (most 2 or 3 pages) by Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar. They cover a wealth of spiritual topics from an overview of world religions (pg. 81), superstitions (pg. 21), dreams (pgs.13, 33,39,51,etc, God (pgs. 1,7,105) Reincarnation (pg. 45,), Healing (pg. 193) and more.

History, Spiritual Law, the Path to God, and the Light and Sound are reflected through everyday human experience. Through these experiences, tremendous spiritual lesons and insights are woven. Are they unique, sometimes miraculous experiences? Yes. Are they outside the realm of possibility to you and me? Not at all.

The way shown here is simple. For example, in Chp. 7:How Your Dreams Can Help You Find Peace of Mind, Harold Klemp gives 3 components to spiritual understanding: dreams, the Hu (see Chpt. 1), and a dream journal each of which is accessable to just about everyone(a 4th component not mentioned here, but is touched upon elsewhere in the book is Discipline - i.e. the discipline to sing Hu before bedtime, to write down your dreams, etc.).

Clearly this does not seem to be describing a path wrapped up in bells and whistles, but rather one concerned with a spiritually disciplined individual's direct experience with the Light and Sound of God.

I would also recommend 35 Golden Keys to Who You Are & Why You're Here by Linda Anderson (ISBN 1570431183), The Art of Spiritual Dreaming (ISBN 1570431493) and the Autobiography of a Modern Prophet (ISBN 1570431639) both also by Harold Klemp.

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