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The Miracle of Death

by Betty J., Ph.D. Kovacs, Betty J. Kovacs

Buy the book: Betty J., Ph.D. Kovacs. The Miracle of Death

Release Date: 03 February, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Betty J., Ph.D. Kovacs. The Miracle of Death

A Brave New Vision

There is Nothing but Life: to experience this essential truth is to experience the miracle of death, this premise is profound and its ramifications pave the way for an original framework for conceptualizing death suitable for the 21st century. "The Miracle of Death" begins with Kovacs' powerful moment, the call saying her son had been in an accident and that his condition is "very serious." Dr. Kovacs turns her grief into a lesson for all of us to be aware, trust in dreams, strive to understand artistic expression and to trust intuition. While the miraculously synchronized events that unfold in the book are unlikely to happen to all of us, the author uses events leading to death as tools to teach us how to recognize the language of both fate and coincidence. Kovacs deals with some of the most difficult topics humans ever encounter, with aplomb and resolve.

Dr. Kovacs' interpretations and analysis sometimes are weighed down by New Age jargon that masks underlying emotion, rendering the text difficult to penetrate. The author is most engaging when she falls back on her background in literature and writing, that is, when she delves into personal narrative. Kovacs personal accounts propel the reader to turn each page eagerly and as we move through the difficulties with her, respect for her courageous attitude mounts. Losing a child is something dreadful and unexpected but the author turns this and other equally horrific tragedies in her life into moments of inspiration, clarity, vision and even joy.

There is a unique blend of western and nonwestern thought in this book. Dr. Kovacs often reflects on the work of Carl Jung yet she also utilizes the Native American Medicine Wheel, Celtic Spirituality and Ancient Egyptian belief systems. Dr. Kovacs creates a fused modality of symbolic analysis, earth celebration and ritual; the outcome inspires personal healing and global transformation.

Kovacs work demonstrates that every event however erratic, unplanned or seemingly spontaneous, stems from a divine plan. The author shows how observations of art, dreams and intuition of all of the people in your circle can lift the shroud from the phenomena called death. Betty Kovacs message is one of hope-thankfully, she has passed the torch on to light the way for the rest of us.

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Compelling reading

Betty Kovacs starts "The Miracle of Death" with a short quote that sums up the book nicely - "For life is eternal and love is immortal and death is only a horizon, and an horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight". Death is not an ending of life but a part of the cycle of life. Just as the horizon is not the end of the earth, neither is death the end of life. Through a series of precognitive dreams and visions her husband, son, and herself learned about this cycle of life. When her son Pisti died she came to understand that birth and death are just events in time and space.

Betty Kovacs shares her pathway to that understanding as well as the knowledge itself in a gentle and understanding manner like a wise elder relating truth to a seeker of knowledge. Throughout the book she compassionately relates her grief and her pathway to a deeper understanding of life and death. This is a highly recommended read for anyone seeking answers to the questions of loss of a loved one.

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