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The Art of Dreaming : Creative Tools for Dream Work

by Jill Mellick

Buy the book: Jill Mellick. The Art of Dreaming : Creative Tools for Dream Work

Release Date: 01 April, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Jill Mellick. The Art of Dreaming : Creative Tools for Dream Work

The Art of Dreaming: Tools for Creative Dreamwork

Psychologist and author Jill Mellick offers much more than a dream interpretation book in The Art of Dreaming: Tools for Creative Dreamwork. Conventional interpretation relies on words to describe dream imagery, and often the words are terribly inadequate. Dr. Mellick says "we can express dreams in the art form the best suits them, in the art form whose structure is most akin to their innate structure."

She then fully describes more than 50 ways to explore dreams, including painting, dance, sculpture, drawing, poetry, music, or any combination of these. She explains several techniques for letting go of expectations and allowing the dream to guide the dreamer to the best form of expression.

Dr. Mellick also recognizes that many people don't have lots of time for working on their dreams. For those with little time for reflection, she provides a chapter titled "Expressive Dream Work in Five Minutes." A companion chapter offers techniques for those who have as much as ten minutes a day for dream work.

Not all dreams are pleasant. She offers help also to those haunted by nightmares, including how to make a healing mandala. She also discusses dreams in which a particular action or image is repeated.

Although most of us prefer to work alone with our dreams, some people find it beneficial to form a dream work group. Dr. Mellick provides guidelines for establishing a group and ensuring that it's beneficial to all participants.

One fascinating exercise asks people to imagine life events as a dream. The events can be ordinary activities. She says that doing this offers a new perspective that can be helpful in understanding our lives.

"The Art of Dreaming is an excellent resource and practical manual that inspires and amplifies self-discovery and understanding of the rich spiritual treasure and guidance that dreams provide."

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A Treasure Chest Of INCREDIBLE Ways To Work W/ Dreams!

Can I give this book more than five stars?!!! This book is FULL of the most incredibly creative ideas for working with your dreams. Ways that many of us would never think of on our own!
Example: Make a dream mandala. Now I can't draw very well, but recently I had a dream in which gestures I made were very important. So I gave it a try and the way the mandala turned out gave me another perspective on the dream!

Some more way-cool ideas from the book: If you have a dream that feels incomplete, complete by adding to it! Make a sculpture of your dream! Get a stone and paint something on it that symbolizes your dream!

These are just a few of the ideas.

And the icing on the cake,(at least for me)I've discovered the secret to remembering your dreams. Pay attention to them! It's as simple as that. The more attention you pay to your dreams the more you will remember them!

I now spend the last half hour before I go to bed preparing for dreams by working with Ms. Mellick's excellent book and I'm remembering my dreams on a consistent basis.

This book is not very long, but it's packed full with valuable information. Obviously, I reccomend this book to everyone. Aren't dreams fascinating?

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