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The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

by Harold Klemp

Buy the book: Harold Klemp. The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

Release Date: September, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Harold Klemp. The Art of Spiritual Dreaming

Takes dreaming and dreamers to a whole new and higher level.

If you're serious about understanding your dreams, take a look at The Art of Spiritual Dreaming by Harold Klemp. Klemp takes dreams and dreamers to a whole new and higher level. On page 36, he says about dreams, "They are your experiences of life in greater worlds." Then he goes on to give examples of this throughout the book.

I have been having immediate and positive results as a result of reading this book. His techniques are simple and effective. I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants to know what dreams are all about, and to those who want to gain more from their dream experiences. This book is destined to become a spiritual classic.

I also liked that he said animals are Souls and that they can have these same kinds of spiritual experiences.

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More than just another book on interpreting dream symbols

Harold Klemp's book goes far beyond dream books that simply seek to interpret symbols in dreams. He explains that dreams have a vital purpose: they are your spiritual report card.

Harold Klemp shares more than 50 tips and spiritual exercises to aid in understanding what dreams are, how one can actively, consciously dream, how to find answers through dreams regarding health concerns, personal relationships and business decisions and how to interpret and understand dreams.

He offers an easy way to keep the interpretation of dreams simple. At p. 164, he writes: "Look at each dream in one of three levels. They are about our daily life, our emotions and thoughts, and, less often, about the pure spiritual side. So, simply put, there are dreams about our everyday events, our emotional well-being, and our relationship with God."

He also offers practical advice when beginning a dream study. It does not have to be an all-out assault on your inner worlds. You can make it as easy as you like. All it takes is a sincere request to remember and understand your dreams.

The tips and spiritual exercises are practical and easy to do, though, as with any exercise program, they take practice. I have been recording my dreams off and on for years but I was unable to get an understanding of what my dreams were telling me. This book provided me with simple steps to begin to explore the depths of my dreams and their significance. The author gave me valuable tips on what to do when my dreams appeared to dry up. The jumble and clutter of my dreams has started to sort out and my experiences have at times been breathtakingly sharp.

Harold Klemp writes with directness, simplicity and with a sincere desire to help people awaken to the potential of their dreams.

I recommend this book and I have passed on copies to others.

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