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She Who Dreams: A Journey into Healing Through Dreamwork

by Wanda Easter Burch, Robert Moss

Buy the book: Wanda Easter Burch. She Who Dreams: A Journey into Healing Through Dreamwork

Release Date: October, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Wanda Easter Burch. She Who Dreams: A Journey into Healing Through Dreamwork

She Who Dreams: A Journey into Healing through Dreamwork

She Who Dreams is a beacon of hope, a lighthouse on a cloudy day. In the pages of this book you will find a personal triumph over breast cancer, hard fought and sustained by a combination of medical and dream therapies. We are urged to listen and respond to our own dreams, as the author did during her diagnosis and treatment. Wanda Burch opens her life to us--doubts and fears, as well as successes. Her honesty is a rare attribute in today's world. I recommend her book for those who wish to dream a healthier future for ourselves and our communities. Along with her friend, the renowned dream teacher Robert Moss, Wanda shows how we can use our dreams in an active process of sharing, re-entering and re-shaping. They offer us guidelines and proven techniques for improving our physical and spiritual health. In the end we understand, like Wanda, that dreaming is a lifelong and lifesaving process.

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A Groundbreaking Book on the Healing Power of Dreams

Wanda Burch has given us a very valuable gift. In her beautifully chronicled account of her own healing journey, she shares rich dream imagery and metaphors in a way that decodes and demystifies a state of being we largely take for granted. Her first-hand account of her own recovery confirms the tremendous healing power one can experience from tapping into an inner wisdom available to us all during the dream state. Wanda teaches the art of honoring our dreams and listening to those sometimes illusive, yet important messages that come through to guide us to higher states of consciousness. Given the amount of time we spend sleeping and perchance dreaming, the book is a groundbreaking testimony that dreaming is a greatly underutilized method for accessing valuable information for healing. Together with Robert Moss, a true pioneer in the field of dream exploration, Wanda's portal into the dream realm brings us a way to restore balance and wholeness to our lives. Anyone interested in understanding the language of dreams and discovering the jewels dreams are made of would benefit greatly from reading "She Who Dreams." To dive further into dream work, I highly recommend reading other books by the dedicated author on dreaming, Robert Moss.

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