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Our Dreaming Mind

by Robert Van De Castle

Buy the book: Robert Van De Castle. Our Dreaming Mind

Release Date: 17 October, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert Van De Castle. Our Dreaming Mind

Interesting read

VdC gives a pretty good gloss-over history of dreaming and what certain people thought of them; how certain philosophers and psychologists thought of them. He also recounts several studies and the statistics that were drawn from them - which are quite interesting.
One of the studies on lucid dreaming describes the participants methods for inducing lucid dreams, and the method happens to be almost identical to a method I've successfully used before, which I originally got from a book called "Control Your Dreams".

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The best book on dreming so far, if not the best imaginable

Robert Van De Castle has a sense of vocation for his subject that conveys beautifully. He speaks very plainly and directly, without talking down to the reader. He's as objective as you can be with a subject that's so completely subjective (yet universal.)

The one negative review of Van De castle's book is from a Freudian. There is not "disenchantment" with Freud, he has been largely discredited. Dreams are not intentionally disguised infantile sexual wishes. The 'sub'conscious does not consist entirely of repressed desires. Freud's idea of the ego as basically the entire mind reminds me of the idea of the Earth being the center of the universe. They are just products of a different era.

While sometimes a little simplistic in its prose style and speculative in nature, Our Dreaming Mind is on a much higher plane than the new age junk that largely consumes shelf space devoted to the subject in book stores. Well worth the investment.

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