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Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

by Harold Klemp

Buy the book: Harold Klemp. Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

Release Date: May, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Harold Klemp. Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

This Book is Food for Soul

Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel by Harold Klemp is a great book but it isn't for everyone. Klemp has never catered to the slothful but to those who are willing to keep a middle of the night dream journal, and try his ideas about soul travel with an open mind and joyous heart. For myself, I've been keeping the dream journal and trying the soul travel exercises and I am happy with my decision to buy this book. I've been buying and reading his books for years and I've always felt satisfied and gently pushed to go further in life both professionally and spiritually. What most people may not know is that these techniques work really well at work and I think they would work for you, if you put the effort into them.

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Past and Present Lies, Fantasy, and Arrogance

This book is mainly filler. If you have ever read any other book by this author (Harold Klemp) you need not purchase this book. Many stories are even indicated as coming from other Eckankar books. There is also a lot dogma which is designed to influence the reader through various means of conscious and unconscious methods such as: repitition, dreams, substitution, and audio & visual suggestion and self-hyptnosis. Early on the concept of the "Mahanta" is presented but is not fully explained. The Mahanta is greater than Jesus! The Mahanta is greater than God! Harold Klemp's titles are: Mahanta, the Living Eck Master, the Outer Master, the Inner Master, the Dream Master, and the Load of Hosts (to name just a few). In Eckankar all other religions are looked down upon and whose "GOD" is no higher than the 4th Plane or heaven. The Mahantaship begins on the 14th Plane! Even High Initiates in Eckankar begin at the 5th Plane which is higher than the "GOD" of all of the religions on earth or anywhere! However, Eckankar will falsely use the word "God" when talking to the "public" to mislead, fit in, and not scare off any potential members. Basically, the book is intended to continue the false creation of Paul Twitchell by making people dependent on someone (the Mahanta) other than their own Higher Self, or God-Soul. Self-Mastery is never a possibility although the author mentions spiritual freedom as a goal for each Soul. It is like a carrot that is dangled in fron of the seeker, but is always out of reach. This book is a big disappointment!

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