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Soul-Speak : The Language Of Dreams

by Carol A Brink

Buy the book: Carol A Brink. Soul-Speak : The Language Of Dreams

Release Date: 30 May, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Carol A Brink. Soul-Speak : The Language Of Dreams

Lucid and commanding

My name is Bob Hart. I'm a songwriter. As one who works extensively with language and symbol in my art, I know the value and am always interested in such things. I stumbled upon Ms. Brink's "Soul Speak" when a friend who also shares my love for words and a passion for exploring new and previously unchartered territory recommended it to me. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I read the entire book from start to finish in one sitting. The author's take on what dreams are, where they come from, and how they serve our growth as people fascinated me. I must admit, I have never considered dreams to be of great importance before reading this book, but now I go to sleep each night wondering what new message I'll receive. It's a great read, and although we creative types are all right-brained to begin with, I must say this author has a way of addressing subjects I might have scoffed at before in a no-nonsense, lucid and commanding way that earned my respect. If you haven't read it, give it a go. I think you'll find it more than worth the time invested, for the gift of knowledge is something you take with you wherever you go.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about dreams & dreaming!

I am so impressed with Carol Brink's "Soul-Speak: The Language Of Dreams". The book is consise, authoratative (without being authoritarian!), and a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is a book you will want to give as gifts to friends and family members, and it is the kind of book you keep by your bedside to read again and again. In the time since I first began reading it, I have been tapping into this rich source of personal guidance (i.e., dreams) in a powerful way, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I am a professional person, and I can't say enough good things about this book. I intend to recommend it to all my clients. It has opened doors for me that until now I did not even realize I had the capacity to walk through. Previously, I viewed the dream state through the eyes of a scientist; now I see that they are so much more! Ms. Brink's knowledge of her subject matter is impressive, to say the least, but so brightly do her warmth, dedication, and compassion shine through the text, that you feel like you're conversing with an old friend, not some anonymous expert. Due to what I've learned from Soul-Speak, I now see and understand so much more about myself: my life, my interpersonal relationships, my goals, desires, and yes, the areas in my life that need work and attention, too! The chapter on constructing your own dream dictionary is invaluable, while the sample dreams contained in the closing chapters (followed by Ms. Brink's impressions of same) are fascinating, giving one permission to venture into the land of dreams and try out those newly acquired dream-language skills. This book is a must read for everyone who wishes to grow and advance as a person, certainly, but most especially, as a soul. I highly recommend it.

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