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Lucid Dreams in 30 Days : The Creative Sleep Program

by Keith Harary, Pamela Weintraub

Buy the book: Keith Harary. Lucid Dreams in 30 Days : The Creative Sleep Program

Release Date: 15 March, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Keith Harary. Lucid Dreams in 30 Days : The Creative Sleep Program

Lucid Dreaming and Happy

OK the tittle is true. I am finally having lucid dreams, and I am so happy. I now can have tea with Neil Armstrong or Little Bo Peep if I want to. Or I can fly to Pluto to see if there are aliens and find some if I want. This power I have never had over my dreams, so I treasure it. PLus from this book I learned all this. Now I am going to bed to sleep, and dream...<(o^_^o)>

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The Book on Lucid Dreaming They Don't Want You to Read

Although his followers have a tendency to view Laberge's as the only important research ever done in this area, his work, like that of every contemporary scientist, draws on much older research. The exercises presented by Harary and Weintraub are based on thousands of years of human exploration of this fascinating subject, including Harary's own considerable work on altered states. Harary and Weintraub are careful to present accurate facts and references, including references to Laberge, to whom they are very kind. They do not take credit for the work of others, nor do they try to sell accessories or classes. Nevertheless, it appears that some of Laberge's followers are very threatened by this unpretentious and enjoyable little book, which does not present itself as an academic text. Its stated purpose is to provide natural, step-by-step exercises for safely exploring the lucid dream state, and it does this very well. Harary, a veteran researcher and longtime contributor to OMNI Magazine, and Weintraub, an editor of OMNI for most of its long life, are both talented writers. Like their other books, this one is a pleasure to read. They are careful to present accurate facts and references, and while they never demean the implications of the lucid dream state, they also don't try to interpret the experience for their readers. They respect their readers enough to expect they will ask their own questions and draw their own conclusions.

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