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81. Gong Hee Fot Choy Book of Dreams: A Book of Numerology, Prophecy, a Planetary Guide, and the Chinese Horoscope
by Margarete Ward

82. Gypsy Dream Dictionary
by Raymond Buckland

83. Hidden Power of Dreams
by Denise Linn

84. History of Dreams, Visions, Apparitions, Ecstasy, Magnetism and Somnambulism 1855
by A. Brierre De Boismont

85. I Promised You an Answer: A Study of Dreams
by Anne Vandergoot

86. In Your Dreams : Falling, Flying and Other Dream Themes - A New Kind of Dream Dictionary
by Gayle M. Delaney

87. In Your Dreams Essentials
by Edwin Raphael, Foulsham

88. In Your Dreams: A Guide to Understanding Your Dreams
by Joan Hanger

89. Inner Work : Using Dreams and Creative Imagination for Personal Growth and Integration
by Robert A. Johnson

90. Interpretacion De Los Suenos
by Editores, Editores Mexicanos

91. Little Big Book of Dream Interpretation (Little Big Book Series)
by Eili Goldberg

92. Love's Last Dreaming
by John McIntosh, Jo Ann McIntosh

93. Lucid Dreaming
by Stephen Laberge

94. Lucid Dreams in 30 Days : The Creative Sleep Program
by Keith Harary, Pamela Weintraub

95. Mary Summer Rain's Guide to Dream Symbols
by Mary Summer Rain, Alex Greystone

96. Mother to Be's Dream Book: Understanding the Dreams of Pregnancy
by Raina M. Paris

97. Mystic Dream Book: 2,500 Dreams Explained
by Anon, Ano

98. Night Wings: A Soulful Dreaming & Writing Practice
by Sally Nelson

99. Nostradamus' Dream Book: His Truthful Dream Interpretations
by Dita Arzt, Dietlinde Arzt

100. Nostradamus' Dream Interpretation Guide: 500th Anniversary 1503-2003
by Dita Arzt-Wegman

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