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Every Dream Interpreted

by Veronica Tonay

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Release Date: 28 May, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Veronica Tonay. Every Dream Interpreted

Great book! But could have covered more items in second part

Unlike the questionable dream dictionaries that seem to be popular, Veronica Tonay takes the reader of "Every Dream Interpreted" on a deeper trip into dream interpretation. The book is divided into two broad parts, the first one covers common questions and their answers and the second part covers various categories of dream symbols and their common interpretation. The questions and answers section is a brief, but highly valuable introduction to the study of dreams. Why are dreams important? What are the competing theories of dream interpretation? How do these theories compare when interpreting a specific dream? Dr. Tonay does an excellent job of describing all of this and has a knack for doing so in clear language. She also examines common myths and urban legends in this section.

The part on the common dream symbols includes subsections on the natural environment, human characters, animal kingdom, buildings and other structures. Examples in these subsections include the interpretation of various type of weather, various landscapes, type of water, people you know, different types strangers, mythical animals, birds, etc. Generally these are not actual interpretations but what types of things the symbol typically represents. With this information you can then look at your dream to help determine what it means.

These are not deep, involved interpretations but are basic ones you can use to start to understand your dreams. To get a deeper understanding would require many, many dreams over an extended period of time. "Every Dream Interpreted" is professionally done and keeps a professional tone throughout the book. It is based on Dr. Tonay's years of empirical research and is a recommended read for anyone interested in this field of study.

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Very informative, fun, beautiful dream book

I bought this book after seeing it at a friend's house. The questions and answers in it made it hard to put down (that we are actually paralyzed when we are in dreaming sleep, that pregnant women have certain kinds of dreams at different stages, the most common human dream, what it means if you are chased in your dreams or have sex with someone you don't think you're attracted to and things like that--there are maybe 50 of them). The author researched these things so it is not just opinion or a psychic kind of book like other books out there. Some of those dictionaries tell you if you dream about a chair it means your dog is going to hand you a million dollars or something stupid like that. The dream directory part of the book had all of the images in my dreams in it (except for cars. what could cars mean?). That was interesting because it had meanings from different cultures and time periods for each image, and questions to ask yourself about your dreams, so I never felt like someone else was telling me what my dream meant. It was more personal. Using the first part and the second part together really worked. And the pages are so beautiful people just like to pick it up off the table and look through it when they come over. Great book I will be giving to other people too.

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