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Dreams: A Way to Listen to God

by Morton T. Kelsey

Buy the book: Morton T. Kelsey. Dreams: A Way to Listen to God

Release Date: September, 1983

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Morton T. Kelsey. Dreams: A Way to Listen to God

Dreams: An important process, for growth to inner life.

I began reading Morton Kelsey's books in 1975 after experiencing a very powerful dream on death and dying. Before exploring my dreams, I was terrified of dying. Becoming more aware of my dreams, I realized that God was communicating to me in a way that was not threatening. At first I was a little apprehensive, to give dreams a priority in my spiritual life but I learned more and more to trust this wonderful gift that God has given me. God has always given me the interpretation of these dreams, it is not difficult once you learn to communicate with God in this fashion. Why would God give you dreams without the interpretations, it does'nt make sense. I have read many Morton Kelsey and John Sanford books which introduced me to Carl Jung. I especially like Jung's biography " Memories,Dreams and Reflections". This book enabled me to understand many life changes that I experienced in the '70's. I continue to regard my dreams as the most effective way to communicate with my deeper self. Dreams have given me many challenges. They have helped me to overcome obstacles and they have put me back on the right track when I wander. I would recommend these 3 powerful authors if you are searching for answers in your life.

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Good introductory book to dream interpretation.

This small book is a decent introduction to dreams and dream interpretation, particularly for those who want a more Christian slant as opposed to New Age. Kelsey pulls heavily from Carl Jung and the Bible to support his ideas. The only drawback was that it left me wanting him to expound more on the subject.

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