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Dream Gates : A Journey into Active Dreaming (Two tapes)

by Robert Moss

Buy the book: Robert Moss. Dream Gates : A Journey into Active Dreaming (Two tapes)

Release Date: September, 1998

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: Robert Moss. Dream Gates : A Journey into Active Dreaming (Two tapes)

Dream Gates: A Journey into Active Dreaming (Six tapes)

There is an immediacy to these audio tapes that conveys Robert Moss's natural abilities as a teacher and dream bringer. It is a pleasure to hear his voice tell stories and impart information on how to remember our dreams and use them for the benefit of ourselves and our society. I bought sets for friends interested in their dreams who do not speak English as a first language and who might have difficulty reading Robert Moss 's books (which I highly recommend). Any person with a visual difficulty would appreciate the audio cassettes. For those who like to learn from Robert Moss how to navigate in their dreamscapes and discover help and healing through Active Dreaming techniques, these tapes are a marvellous aid. They encourage and enlighten the dreamer within us all. Also on the market now is a video series with Robert Moss, which is very engaging and informative.

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So NOT a "book on tape"!

This audio set is a course in adventure! Yes, it is complimented by Mr Moss' book of the same title, but it is not some airy thing that you pop in the tape deck for distraction on those long road trips! This is a guide for the Roads to be found in Shamanic journeys. Mr Moss' narration sets the perfect tone for the excursion, and his years of experience teaching workshops on the subject shine through. To complement these tapes, he also has a new series of videos, from Psyche Productions in Milford CT, which deepen the journey even further. The possibilities are limitless!!!

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