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Cloud Nine: : A Dreamer's Dictionary

by Sandra A. Thomson

Buy the book: Sandra A. Thomson. Cloud Nine: : A Dreamer's Dictionary

Release Date: 01 December, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Sandra A. Thomson. Cloud Nine: : A Dreamer's Dictionary

Cloud Nine: A Dreamer's Dictionary

Most of us are visited nightly by dreams. And most of us are puzzled by the fragments we can recall of these elusive visitors. Do dreams mean anything? If so, what? How can we better remember them? Is it possible to "control" our dreams? Sandra Thomson, a psychologist and author, tells readers all about dreams in Cloud Nine: A Dreamer's Dictionary. Thomson says that "dreams show us our conflicts and way to resolve them; they chronicle our inner striving." She adds that dreams can be "a second language." She starts with a general discussion of dreams, highlighting the primary theories of the significance of dreams. People have tried to understand their dreams since the beginning of time, often relying on shamans. The first dream book was written in the second century A.D. Hundreds of people have studied and attempted to explain dreams since then. Freud was a pioneer in dream interpretation. Thomson explains his theories, then goes on the discuss the work of other researchers, including Jung, Adler, Horney, and Perls. She clearly explains what each believed to be true about dreams, which is helpful to readers trying to understand the symbolism of their own dreams. Dreams use symbols and the meaning of the symbols vary from person to person. Thomson highly recommends that each person prepare their own "dream dictionary," in which they figure out the meaning of their unique symbols. The bulk of her book is a generalized dream dictionary that will help readers get started. She offers alternative meanings for most of the symbols, enabling users to better interpret their dreams. She provides extensive instructions for decoding individual dreams. The book is filled with "dreamercises," which are designed to assist in recalling and interpreting dreams. Thomson also explains how to put your dreams to work for you, by asking for solutions to daytime problems. She also describes how to teach yourself how to have lucid dreams, in which the dreamers are aware that they are dreaming before they wake up. Thomson wrote Cloud Nine to "allow you to participate more fully in understanding your own dream productions or in identifying your growth tasks." The guidelines and exercises she provides gives readers the tools they need to understand and interpret their dreams.

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very informative

I have an older copy of this book, and absoluetly love it! I read it regularly, and the information is astounding. I was looking for an edition to buy as a present, and saw that a new edition is now available.

I plan on buying more than one copy, and definetly recommend this to anyone curious about their dreams.

From Amazon.com

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