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The Mystical Crystal: Expanding Your Crystal Consciousness

by Geoffrey Keyte, Goeffrey Keyte

Buy the book: Geoffrey Keyte. The Mystical Crystal: Expanding Your Crystal Consciousness

Release Date: May, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Geoffrey Keyte. The Mystical Crystal: Expanding Your Crystal Consciousness

A metaphysical initiation on Crystal Healing

I found that The Mystical Crystal is a useful guide on crystal therapy techniques. It changed my way of approaching to illnesses and emotional unbalances, through a more assertive and "light" options to cope with the needs of mind and body. I am transcribing bellow the note of the his renowned publisher on metaphysical matters, which is found on the back cover of the book.

"Awareness of interest in the therapeutic properties of crystals have grown enormously in the last few years, as users have discovered the wide range of their beneficial effects.

In The Mystical Crystal, Geoffrey Keite sets out, in sample language, the many applications of crystal therapy, healing and techniques.

From his experience as founder of The Crystal Research Foundation, and director of Crystal 2000, he is able to explain electro crystal therapy, and to detail healing methods, massage and relaxation. Of particular interest are the origins of crystal therapy and its applications to yoga and chakras (personal energy centers).

With none of the obscurity which so often accompanies works on crystal healing, this book will be of immediate interest and benefit to New Age discoverers, and all concerned with balanced natural therapy and alternative techniques for a healthy self. It contains a wealth of experience and advice, based upon the author's long involvement with crystal therapy and refined into direct application."

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