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The Illustrated Guide To Crystals

by Judy Hall

Buy the book: Judy Hall. The Illustrated Guide To Crystals

Release Date: 30 June, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Judy Hall. The Illustrated Guide To Crystals

A Great Book for Crystal Lovers!

I found this book at my local library. Picking it up, I initially thought it would be a book with more pictures in it than info about crystals. It just looked too pretty to have much info in it. I signed it out anyway, and Boy!! Was I surprised!
I found it to be a very useful crystal book packed with plenty of uses for crystals. It will keep any crystal lover busy with all the different uses, and info presented. I think it's especially useful for beginners.
Here are some:

- Choosing and cleansing crystals
- Programming crystals
- Attracting a soulmate
- Healing the heart
- Creating positive relationships
- Crystals and chakra work
- Healing physical conditions, emotional
imbalances & mental states
- Gem elixers & remedies
- Protecting your space,your self and
the aura
- Talisman & amulets
- Crystal layouts
- Grounding
- Dispersing negative energy
- Creating peace & relaxation
- Creativity & vitality, self-worth
- Past life recall
- Meditation
and more.........

Also included is a crystal directory for indentifying
your crystals.
With all this in one book, I'm going out, soon, to
purchase my own "Illustarated Guide to Crystals".

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I love this book!

This is a beautiful illustrated book that has loads of information. Picures help identify the stones with the ones you have. I would highly recommend this book anyone looking.

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