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Pendulum Power

by Greg Nielsen, Joseph Polansky

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Release Date: March, 1987

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Greg Nielsen. Pendulum Power

All you ever need to know about pendulums in a nutshell

This is a wonderful book which summarizes practically all you need to know about pendulums and dowsing, from the history to the best materials for making pendulums and all possible uses such as searching for lost items as well as making decisions (e.g. about relationships, business or which foods are good/bad for you). While not glossy, if you buy only one book about pendulums, this should be the one. This book in this or previous form(s) has been around for years - a testament to its worth.

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Pendulum Power

Although Pendulum Power, by Greg Nielsen and Joseph Polansky, has been around for several years, its message is more relevant than ever in the confusing and turbulent times in which we now live.

A pendulum is simply a suspended object which is allowed to swing as dictated by the force of gravity. Pendulums are commonly used in grandfather clocks. Pendulums have another, far more ancient use, however. For thousands of years, they have been an essential part of divination. Nielsen and Polansky say "the pendulum is simply one method of many for communing consciously with our deeper being and allowing it to guide our everyday actions."

Their book introduces readers to the extensive history of the pendulum, from early divination to 20th-century medical practice. They then explain how the energy that is a part of every living organism makes the pendulum work. They say that the human nervous system "is the communication system of the body" and using a pendulum allows you to interpret the signals your "inner higher intelligence [communicates] through the nervous system."

Pendulums are very easy and inexpensive to make. A ring or button suspended from thread makes a simple pendulum. For readers wanting something more elegant, the authors provide detailed instructions for constructing a pendulum from doweling. Extensive directions are given for using pendulums. Readers will learn what kinds of questions to ask, and how to interpret the various movements of the pendulum. Nielsen and Polansky provide examples of how pendulums have been used to find lost objects, choose a career or change jobs, select a healthy diet based on personal needs, and aid in other types of decision making.

Pendulums are also used in healing. Anyone trying to determine the best decision or course of action, based on their personal needs, will find the techniques provided in Pendulum Power useful and enlightening.

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