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Crystal Medicine

by Marguerite Elsbeth

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Release Date: June, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Marguerite Elsbeth. Crystal Medicine

a little of this; some of that, and a lot of new age.

This book is not worth one star.

Ms. Elsbeth implies this book is authentic indian stone medicine.

It is NOT. If you want Native American or new age material; look elsewhere than reading this conglomeration and getting confused.

Page xii-xiii: "The stone people - the earth angels, devas, dwarves, elves" _| The Indians worked with the stone people and the little people. Devas, dwarves and elves are Celtic of origin.

Page xvi: "The Celts left their tracks literaly etched in stone in the Ancient Celtic alphabet called Ogham". _|What does the Druid alphabet have to do with crystal healing?

Page xix: "The South American rainforest, our main source of oxygen" _|What does THIS have to do with crystal medicine? Furthermore; I am all in favor of preserving the rainforests, but the rainforests are NOT the primary source of oxygen. Trees only produce oxygen during daylight hours. They use oxygen during hours of darkness, and trees are dormant part of the year. Trees are a further oxygen depletion system when leaves decompose. The real source of oxygen is from the oceans (this will not win friends and influence people, but it's true).

Page 3: "The Lakota address the Great Spirit as Tunkashila" _| Only part of the Lakota. The more common name is Wakan Tanka.

Page 3: There is the Yuwipi ceremony which uses the power inherent in the sacred stones." Ms. Elsbeth has confused the Inipi ceremony with the Yuwipi ceremony.

Page 57: There is an illustration of the seven chakras. The chart is incorrect.

Page 79: the author goes into palmistry.

Page 99: the author (tries) to show an illistration of the meridians. She shows a few accupuncture points on the body (without showing ANY illustration of the meridians. Furthermore; the Chakra model, and meridian model are mutually exclusive. If the Chakra model were correct; then accupuncture could not work.

The ONLY redeeming quality of this book is the 16 pages of color photos between page 168 and 169.

Mahalo. Two Bears

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New Look, Not Enough Info

My heritage is Irish-Native American (specifically Seminole & Cherokee) so I was very interested. My main hesitation comes from the assigning of crystalline structures to various signs. I would have preferred to see the Native American totem animal descriptions used (rather than the Western zodiac terms) Also, my husband is a jeweler & it is hard to find stones that are suitable for setting in some of the specified crystal structures. I liked the fresh approach but ended up donating the book to our local coffee shop/study library.

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