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Crystal Healing

by Katrina Raphaell

Buy the book: Katrina Raphaell. Crystal Healing

Release Date: April, 1991

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Katrina Raphaell. Crystal Healing

Infomation is good but organization is wrong

The information about crystals was authentic and acurate but some of the methods were not very safe. Such as when she was speaking of channeling crystals and suggested that you speak with entities you felt around you with out first telling you to place you self in protective light was a dangerous mistake. I only hope no one has hurt them self with this misleading onformation. Although she dose speak of protection she don't put the right kind of stress on it. I guesse she dons't come in contact with unfriedly forces but they are out there and looking for ingnorent victims. The methods of healing in this book is a great way to conduct your healings. I just wish she gave more information on how to heal your self with crystals.

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A must for Crystal Fans

This book introduces the unique and powerful healing properties of crystals. Katrina's healing technique is to put a pattern of stomes, based on intuition, along the different chakras of the recipient. She also integrates many practical therapeutic skills on the crystal healing which enhance the healing effect. When I firstly received the crystal healing in Crystal Academy, I realized the crystal energy can bring me to a different dimension which I can't imagine before. The informationm of the 12 Master Crystals is also advanced material

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