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The Theologia Germanica of Martin Luther (The Classics of Western Spirituality)

by Bengt Hoffman, Franckforter

Buy the book: Bengt Hoffman. The Theologia Germanica of Martin Luther (The Classics of Western Spirituality)

Release Date: April, 1980

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bengt Hoffman. The Theologia Germanica of Martin Luther (The Classics of Western Spirituality)

What I Think of The Theologia Germanica

This is a good book with lots of insightful spiritual advice which is written in a simple format. Another good thing is that it works for all the major Christian denominations and not just Catholicism.
My favorite part was the cover because that guy looks so grumpy!

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The Theologia Germanica: A Mysticism Classic.

_The Theologia Germanica_ is a beautiful piece of medieval mysticism, written by a Christian knight and made famous through its publication by Martin Luther. This work emerged from the "Friends of God" movement of the fourteenth century within the Catholic Church. It sought to bring man to the life of Christ, following in the example of Christ along with those who have achieved true illumination. The work contrasts these individuals, "the illumined", with those who merely follow Christ out of desire for reward and with those who follow Christ and therefore believe themselves to be perfect, "the free spirits". Much of this is in reference to the movement of the "Brothers and Sisters of the Free Spirit" which existed at that time and who interpreted Christ's resurrection as an opportunity to engage in libertine and liscentious acts. The author of this tract responds disapprovingly to this kind of behavior and shows how it deviates from true Christian piety. Thus, we see that those who follow the true light, follow in obedience but do not do so solely out of want of reward; they love God because He is Good and reject the "I, Me, and Mine". The work explains God's love of Himself as not a selfish form of love; but rather, God loves Himself because He knows He is Good and for that reason alone. In the same manner, should the follower of Christ reject himself and love God solely because He is Good. This is the message of the mystical author.

This tract had some influence in the medieval mystical movements and is similar to the mystical writings of the Dominicans Johann Tauler (who Luther at first believed to be the true author, later rejected) and Meister Eckhart. Luther regarded this book as the third most important book he came into contact with, after the Bible and the writings of Saint Augustine. Subsequently, the book had some influence in Protestant theology and orthodox Lutheranism, as well as some interest for Catholic scholars. A must read for all interested in medieval mysticism or for those looking for spiritual fulfillment in the Christ-life.

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