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241. The Future of Christianity (Blackwell Manifestos)
by Alister E. McGrath, Allister E. McGrath

242. The Healer-Prophet William Marrion Branham: A Study of the Prophetic in American Pentecostalism
by C. Douglas Weaver, Ed Harrell

243. The Heavens Are Changing: Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missions and Tsimshian Christianity
by Susan Neylan

244. The Holocaust, Israel, and Canadian Protestant Churches
by Haim Genizi

245. The Huguenots of London
by Robin D. Gwynn

246. The Interior Sense of Scripture: The Sacred Hermeneutics of John W. Nevin (Studies in American Biblical Hermeneutics, No 14)
by William Dipuccio

247. The Irish Protestant Churches in the Twentieth Century
by Alan J. Megahey

248. The Legacy of Michael Sattler (Classics of the Radical Reformation, 1)
by John Howard Yoder, Michael Sattler

249. The Life and Writings of Francis Makemie, Father of American Presbyterianism (1658-1708) (Studies in American Religion, Vol 69)
by Francis Makemie, Boyd Stanley Schlenther

250. The Light in Their Consciences: Faith, Practices, and Personalities in Early British Quakerism, 1646-1666
by Rosemary Anne Moore

251. The Lollards
by Richard Rex

252. The Lost Soul of American Protestantism
by D. G. Hart, R. Laurence Moore, D.G. Hart

253. The Metaphysical Confederacy: James Henley Thornwell and the Synthesis of Southern Values
by James Oscar, Jr. Farmer

254. The Moravian Church and the Missionary Awakening in England, 1760-1800
by J.C.S. Mason

255. The Moravian Church in England, 1728-1760 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
by Colin Podmore

256. The Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1740
by Adelaide L. Fries

257. The Other Side of Joy: Religious Melancholy Among the Bruderhof
by Julius H. Rubin

258. The Pastor's Best Friend: The New Testament Evangelist
by James O. Davis, Robert E. Coleman

259. The Politics of the Spirit: The Political Implications of Pentecostalized Religion in Costa Rica and Guatamala
by Timothy J. Steigenga

260. The Postfoundationalist Task of Theology
by F. LeRon Shults, Wolfhart Pannenberg

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