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Swarms of Locusts: The Jesuit Attack on the Faith

by Michael Bunker

Buy the book: Michael Bunker. Swarms of Locusts: The Jesuit Attack on the Faith

Release Date: October, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Michael Bunker. Swarms of Locusts: The Jesuit Attack on the Faith

So that's why things are the way they are!

That's what you'll be telling yourself after you read "Swarms of Locusts".

The visible Christian Church in America is completely impotent and unable to breathe life into our dying culture. "Swarms" uncovers inportant history that reveals the theology behind this current crisis. For anyone who is truly seeking answers into why the current Christian down-grade in America is so prevailant, get this book and devour it from cover to cover. From Cain to Charles Finney, the author thoroughly traces the history of rebellion against God and His sovereignty right through to our current Jesuit-tainted protestant churches.

After the history is revealed and the visible American church of today is found to be lacking, the author then offers solid biblical teaching that embraces the Doctrines of Grace and Predestination.

"Swarms" is a must read for anyone seeking solid truth into the theological and doctrinal crisis of our Christian churches.

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Strong Writing, Unapologetic, Very Worth While Read

Michael Bunker has written a strong and passionate discourse on the merits of what he calls (and I believe aptly so) the Doctrines of Grace. Chapters 6-9 are particularly potent and clear. These for me were the most valuable part of Mr. Bunker's book, although his historically oriented chapters at the beginning are quite fascinating and worthwhile in themselves. For those who desire an accessible and throrough examination of the Doctrines of Grace, a topic central to authentic Christianity, Mr. Bunker's book is very well done.

To his credit, Mr. Bunker upholds the authority of scripture as the final word on the matters discussed and serves up generous and frequent portions of Biblical reference to support his views. For any biblically abiding Christian, this is indispensible.

His 'expose' of Dave Hunt as a Jesuit Coagitator I found generally less convincing, although Mr. Bunker certainly avails his readers to the many ways Mr. Hunt contradicts himself and the Bible.

Likewise, Mr. Bunker's assessment of Homeland Security being a Jesuit fascist machination falls short of being bullet proof. This isn't to say that it isn't so, just that Mr. Bunker doesn't "prove" it as any thorough investigator would like to see it proven (I offer this opinion as someone who staunchly opposes Homeland Security).

All in all, "Swarms" is an excellent work, deserving of a careful read and prayerful consideration - whether one be a 'Calvinist' an Arminian or simply foggy on the concepts altogether.

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