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181. Religion, Pluralism, and Public Life: Abraham Kuyper's Legacy for the Twenty-First Century
by Luis E. Lugo

182. Religious Choice in the Dutch Republic: The Reformation of Arnoldus Buchelius, (1565-1641)
by Judith Pollmann

183. Rethinking Secularization
by Gerard Dekker, Donald A. Luidens, Rodger R. Rice, etc.

184. Rethinking the Church: A Challenge to Creative Redesign in an Age of Transition
by James Emery White, Leighton Ford

185. Retrieving the Tradition and Renewing Evangelicalism: A Primer for Suspicious Protestants
by Daniel H. Williams

186. Revolutionizing Christian Stewardship for the 21st Century: Lessons from Copernicus
by Dan R. Dick

187. Richard Sibbes: Puritanism and Calvinism in Late Elizabethan and Early Stuart England
by Mark E. Dever

188. Rise of the Laity in Evangelical Protestantism
by Deryck W. Lovegrove

189. Rise Up, O Men of God: The Men and Religion Forward Movement and Promise Keepers
by L. Dean Allen

190. Rites in the Spirit: A Ritual Approach to Pentecostal/Charismatic Spirituality
by Daniel E. Albrecht

191. Roman Catholicism: Evangelical Protestants Analyze What Divides and Unites Us
by Alister E. McGrath, John H. Armstrong

192. Scripture Politics: Ulster Presbyterians and Irish Radicalism in the Late Eighteenth Century
by I. R. McBride

193. Second Chance: The Evangelical Triumph in Central America (Christian Universities Press)
by Joseph A. Yacaginsky

194. Seeing Beyond the Word: Visual Arts and the Calvinist Tradition
by Paul Corby Finney, Jane Dempsey Douglass

195. Seventh-Day Adventism in Crisis: Gender and Sectarian Change in an Emerging Religion
by Laura Lee Vance

196. Shared Beliefs, Different Lives: Women's Identities in Evangelical Context
by Lori G. Beaman

197. Show and Tell: How God Reveals Truth to Us
by Leo R. Van Dolson, Kenneth R. Wade

198. Simple Guide to the Protestant Tradition (World Religions Series)
by David Rhymer

199. Sola Scriptura: The Protestant Position on the Bible
by Don Kistler

200. Songs of Zion: The African Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States and South Africa
by James T. Campbell

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