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Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A textbook of Hermeneutics

by Bernard Ramm

Buy the book: Bernard Ramm. Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A textbook of Hermeneutics

Release Date: 1980

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Bernard Ramm. Protestant Biblical Interpretation: A textbook of Hermeneutics

A Classic Work on Hermeneutics

Bernard Ramm has done an exemplary job of painting the broad strokes of protestant hermeneutics. He does work quite a lot with the history of interpretation, and less with the technical aspects of it but that is not only to be expected with a book on hermeneutics (rather than exegesis), it is essential to the understanding of how doctrine developed. When we see the hermeneutical mistakes of those in the past, and the damage it has caused (for instance, though not in this book, Augustine's switch to Amillennialism and with it allegorical interpretation of prophesy opened the door to the 1000+ years of darkness of biblical scholarship under the dominance of the Catholic church, not to mention the mess it has made with people's understanding of the gospel even now [i.e. Lordship Salvation] see Dave Anderson's articles in number 28-29 of the Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society) it not only sobers us into being more careful with our hermeneutical approach to Scriptures, it makes us more aware of our strengths and weaknesses in theology and exegesis. Read this book and take it very seriously (or better yet, take Hermeneutics from Dr. Radmacher through distance learning at Western Seminary). Don't assume, like everyone does, that the way you've always been taught is the truth. Learn some hermeneutics and go to the Word to find out.

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History or Hermeneutics?

This book is not really so much a hermeneutics textbook as it is a history of hermeneutics textbook. Very little is offered in the way of figures of speech, or any method of interpretation whatsoever.

However, the author's insight and background into the history of Biblical interpretation is very thorough and exceptionally well-done. This book is worth the purchase price for these insights alone. However, if you are looking for a more helpful book, at least as far as what the Bible has to say about how to interpret itself, I would recommend D. R. Dungan's work.

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