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121. Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods: Christian Theology, Enlightenment Religion, and Non-Christian Faiths (Religion in America)
by Gerald R. McDermott

122. Journey to the Center of the City: Making a Difference in an Urban Neighborhood
by Randy White

123. Journeymen for Jesus: Evangelical Artisans Confront Capitalism in Jacksonian Baltimore
by William R. Sutton

124. Leaving the Adventist Ministry
by Peter H. Ballis

125. Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way
by Kenneth L. Carder

126. Living Water: A Guide to Baptism for Presbyterians
by James E. Davison

127. Lollards and their Influence in Late Medieval England
by Fiona Somerset, Jill C. Havens, Derrick G. Pitard

128. Luther Lectures on Romans
by Martin Luther, Wilhelm Pauck, Henry P. Van Dusen

129. Luther's Legacy: Salvation and English Reformers, 1525-1556
by Carl R. Trueman

130. Media, Culture, and the Religious Right
by Linda Kintz, Julia Lesage

131. Memory and Identity: The Huguenots in France and the Atlantic Diaspora
by Bertrand Van Ruymbeke, Randy J. Sparks, Bertrand Van Ruymbeke

132. Menno Simons: His Image and Message (Cornelius H. Wedel Historical Series, 10)
by Sjouke Voolstra, Menno Simons

133. Minority Faiths and the American Protestant Mainstream
by Jonathan D. Sarna

134. Mission in the New Testament: An Evangelical Approach (American Society of Missiology Series, No 27)
by William J. Larkin, Joel F. Williams

135. New Creation: A Liturgical Worldview
by Frank C. Senn

136. New England's Moral Legislator: Timothy Dwight, 1752-1817 (Religion in North America)
by John R. Fitzmier

137. Not of This World?: Evangelical Protestants in Northern Ireland
by Glenn Jordan

138. On the Backroad to Heaven: Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren
by Donald B. Kraybill, Carl F. Bowman

139. Onward, Christian Soldiers: Protestants Affirm the Church
by John Macarthur, Joelc. Beeke, Jonathan Gerstner, etc.

140. Orthodoxies in Massachusetts: Rereading American Puritanism
by Jancie Knight, Janice Knight

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