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How Firm a Foundation

by Marcus Grodi

Buy the book: Marcus Grodi. How Firm a Foundation

Release Date: 25 October, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Marcus Grodi. How Firm a Foundation

Grodi has nothing for which to apologize!

Okay. Let's be quite clear here. Marcus Grodi is a noted ex-Evangelical currently-Catholic master apologist. Needless to say, this novel contains some of his concerns in explaining the Catholic faith (and for that matter clarifying some points of Evangelical Protestant belief for us cradle Catholics!) to the world. That doesn't stop Mr. Grodi from writing a very good novel. Be patient, though; Mr. Grodi takes over one quarter of the book setting up his characters and situations, and one begins to wonder, "That's all very nice, but when are things going to start happening?" The dominoes start dropping with lightning speed, and I was only able to accurately predict one outcome. (Well, two, but I'd taken the second one back and guessed wrong.) I read this in approximately 24 clock hours (probably about six or seven hours real-time). Once the dominoes hit the table I didn't want to put the book down.
As impressed as I am with Marcus Grodi's talents as an apologist (one whose profession is explaining the Faith), I can't wait to read his next novel!

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Good and Heartfelt Read!

Marcus Grodi has done a good job with his first novel. I enjoyed most learning about the stresses and tensions undergone by the typical Protestant pastor, his wife, and children. That part of the story is explained very well that the expectations demanded of the pastor's wife and children are high often causing unbearable tension in the family.

The plotline is also good, and the reader's attention is held until the satisfying climax.

My interest waned a bit when the story took a more theological turn, and the discussions about scripture and church history deepened.

Stephen LaPointe had only a love of Christ and a desire to preach the Gospel. He found out that life is not that simple. His search for the truth led him to Catholicism. It was not an easy journey.

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