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Hutterite Society

by John A. Hostetler

Buy the book: John A. Hostetler. Hutterite Society

Release Date: June, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John A. Hostetler. Hutterite Society

Surprisingly interesting

I once visited a Hutterite colony, and when I saw this book I at once decided I had to read it. It is written by a sociologist who views his subjects quite favorably. My reaction as I read was: "I am glad I am not a Hutterite." But if one was indoctrinated as they are from earliest childhood, I suppose one would be accepting of the restrictions which permeate their life. For example, toilet training frequently begins at three months but always by the time the child can sit alone. Such a regimen probably affects one's entire life, and accounts for the low rate of dropouts from Hutterite life style. The book is a 1974 book, and at the time there were 21,521 Hutterites in 229 colonies, compared to 1265 who came to this hemisphere in 1874. Researching on the Internet I note that there are some 38,000 in 1999. A colony branches out into a daughter colony in about 14 years. If you are interested in viewing a world different from anything you know you should read this book.

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Good book......

This book attempts to give a glance into Hutterite life, and succeeds admirably. However, for one who is searching for God's will in their life, what information there is about Hutterite religious beliefs is intermingled with the description of their daily life. Although this book is written as a book for sociologists and as a study of a society, it is still quite readable.

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