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101. Growing Up Protestant: Parents, Children, and Mainline Churches
by Margaret Lamberts Bendroth

102. Heal the World: Begin With Yourself
by Ellen Gould Harmon Ministry of Healing White, Ellen Gould Harmon Ministry of Healing White

103. Hearing Things : Religion, Illusion, and the American Enlightenment
by Leigh Eric Schmidt

104. Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell: Drawn from Things Heard & Seen (Swedenborg, Emanuel, Works.)
by Emanuel Swedenborg, George F. Dole, Bernhard Lang, etc.

105. Heresies of Catholicism: The Apostate Church
by John Schroeder

106. Hidden Worlds: Revisiting the Mennonite Migrants of the 1870s
by Royden Loewen

107. History and Theology in the Book of Order: Blood on Every Page: Leader's Guide
by William E. Chapman

108. Hospitality on a Wing and a Prayer: Entertaining Without the Pressure to Be Perfect
by Beverly Graham Stickle

109. How Firm a Foundation
by Marcus Grodi

110. How Wide the Divide?: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation
by Craig L. Blomberg, Stephen E. Robinson

111. Hutterite Beginnings: Communitarian Experiments During the Reformation
by Werner O. Packull

112. Hutterite Society
by John A. Hostetler

113. Hutterites of Montana
by Laura Wilson

114. If You Love That Lady Don't Marry Her": The Courtship Letters of Sally McDowell and John Miller, 18541856
by Thomas E. Buckley, John Miller, Sally Campbell Presto McDowell, etc.

115. In Discordance With the Scriptures: American Protestant Battles over Translating the Bible (Religion in America)
by Peter Johannes Thuesen

116. In Remembrance and Hope: The Ministry and Vision of Howard G. Hageman (Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America, No 27)
by Gregg A. Mast

117. Introduction to Evangelism
by Alvin L. Reid

118. Israel of the Alps: A Complete History of the Waldenses and Their Colonies
by Alexis Muston

119. John and Charles Wesley: Selected Prayers, Hymns, Journal Notes, Sermons, Letters and Treatises
by Frank Whaling, Charles Wesley

120. John Calvin: Writings on Pastoral Piety
by Elsie Anne McKee

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