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61. Divine Destiny: Gender and Race in Nineteenth-Century Protestantism
by Carolyn A. Haynes

62. Divine Expectations: An American Woman in Nineteenth-Century Palestine
by Barbara Kreiger, Shalom Goldman

63. Drinking from Strange Wells: A Protestant's Pilgrimage
by Janet Rippey Chesnut

64. Early Anabaptist Spirituality: Selected Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality)
by Daniel Liechty

65. Elders and Deacons: A Biblical Perspective
by James E. Funk

66. Elisabeth's Manly Courage: Testimonials and Songs of Martyred Anabaptist Women in the Low Countries
by Hermina Joldersma, Louis Peter Grijp, Hermina Joldersma, etc.

67. Emanuel Swedenborg: The Development of His Thought (Swedenborg Studies, No. 9)
by Martin Lamm, Anders Hallengren, Tomas Spiers

68. Engaging Anabaptism: Conversations With a Radical Tradition
by John D. Roth

69. Engendering Church
by Jualynne E. Dodson

70. Ethics After Easter
by Stephen Holmgren

71. Evangelical Eloquence: A Course of Lectures of Preaching
by R. L. Dabney

72. Evangelicalism Divided: A Record of Crucial Change in the Years 1950 to 2000
by Iain Hamish Murray, Ian H. Murray

73. Evangelicals and Politics in Antebellum America
by Richard J. Carwardine

74. Evangelicals and Science in Historical Perspective (Religion in America Series)
by David N. Livingstone, D.G. Hart, Mark A. Noll

75. Evangelizacion Protestante: En America Latina
by Arturo Piedra

76. Excellent Protestant Congregations: The Guide to Best Places and Practices
by Paul Wilkes

77. Experiences in Theology
by Jurgen Moltmann, Margaret Kohl

78. Faces of Latin American Protestantism: 1993 Carnahan Lectures
by Jose Miguez Bonino, Jose Miguez Bonino

79. Faith-Sharing: Dynamic Christian Witnessing by Invitation
by H. Eddie Fox, George E. Morris

80. Final Roar
by Bob Briner, Barry Landis, Leonard G. Goss

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