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Christ Alone (Today's Issues (Wheaton, Ill.).)

by Rod Rosenbladt, James Montgomery Boice

Buy the book: Rod Rosenbladt. Christ Alone (Today's Issues (Wheaton, Ill.).)

Release Date: March, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Rod Rosenbladt. Christ Alone (Today's Issues (Wheaton, Ill.).)

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I really like the Today's Issues series, and this is the best I've read of them. The series contains a similar booklet called Is Jesus the Only Way? Why two books on this subject? This one treats the problem from a theological perspective while the other treats it from a scriptural perspective. My preference is strongly with this version, as I find that non-Christians tend not to understand the "because the Bible says so" explanation.

Dr. Rosenbladt defends the sufficiency and necessity of Christ's atonement not just from salvation through other religions, but also from the semi-Pelagianism of believing we can make ourselves worthy to receive Christ's gift. There seems to be a trend among Christians to believe that through righteous living we can make ourselves acceptable to God, or that God grants us salvation because of our faith. Dr. Rosenbladt exposes the errors in these ways of thinking and expounds the true Gospel message that salvation is a free gift from God for the sake of Christ's suffering alone.

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Concise, cogent, and conservative.

If brevity is the soul of witt, then this book is filled with sagacity. With so many opptions available to a person living in a consumeristic society, Christ Alone may seem a bit old fashioned. DR. Rod minces no words in his affirmation that Christ alone is the center of all that is related to the church and its witness in the world. He strongly affirms the place of Christ centeredness in the Word and Sacraments. Perhaps the greatest challenge to the preacher living in such a postmodern age is the challenge to one's faith. This booklet will challenge your faith. Do you really believe that Christ alone, in the Word and sacrament, is the sufficient power of God unto salvation to all who will believe? The pragmatism and church growth practices of the day, hover over the contemporary church, like the morning mist on the Smokie Mountains. Rosenbladt drops the gauntlet by appealing to church leaders to stand up for Christ, and plackard Him as the only means of salvation. Christ is not our lover, therapist, finacial advisor or even our moral example. He is more, so much more. Humanity's greatest need is to be reconciled to God and Christ is the only mediator. This makes Him our Lord and Savior alone. Everything else that Christ may provide is merely icing on the cake. As it has been said;" Anything this side of hell is grace." Therefore all we truly need is Christ, and Christ alone is all we need. This booklet will challenge one to stand on Christ as our true sufficiency.

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