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Becoming a New Church: Reflections on Faith and Calling

by Malcolm L. Warford

Buy the book: Malcolm L. Warford. Becoming a New Church: Reflections on Faith and Calling

Release Date: April, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Malcolm L. Warford. Becoming a New Church: Reflections on Faith and Calling

"Becoming a New Church: Reflections on Faith & Calling"

In these elegantly-written essays, the author's insights, based on his pastoral, personal, and educational ministries, are deeply felt and beautifully expressed. He explores the necessity of a Christ-centered community in these times of ease and anxiety. All who seek to live as part of a vibrant church will find his thoughts evocative and provocative.

As Warford writes: 'In our society, we tend to discredit the possibility of one truth being more important or more significant than another. We lean toward flattening all things, making everything equal, and in the end, we sometimes do not commit to anything that has real importance for us.'

The author offers guidance and encouragement to nurture individual churches as places of worship, service, and faith, and his inspiration should find its way into sermons, Sunday School lessons, and private meditations.

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The Contemporary Church

Malcolm Warford is a wonderful writer, who uses his many skills to delve deeply into the heart of the modern mainline churches, and to make constructive suggestions that are designed to help support changes in religious thought and practice in the 21st century. Warford's book of essays will be essential reading for anyone interested in the state of the contemporary church.

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