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1. A Chosen Faith : An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism
by John A. Buehrens

2. A Good Time to Be the Church: A Conversation With Bishop H. George Anderson
by H. George Anderson

3. A Heart for Mission: Five Pioneer Thinkers
by Ron Davies

4. A New Protestant Labor Ethic at Work
by Ken Estey

5. A Passion for Truth: The Intellectual Coherence of Evangelicalism (Theology)
by Alister E. McGrath

6. A Protestant Pastor Looks at Mary
by Charles Dickson, Graham

7. A Short Declaration of the Mystery of Iniquity: (1611/1612)
by Thomas Helwys, Richard Groves

8. A Social History of the Nonconformist Ministry in England and Wales, 1800-1930
by Kenneth D. Brown

9. A Spiritual Home: Life in British and American Reformed Congregations, 1830-1915
by Charles D. Cashdollar

10. Abraham Kuyper: A Centennial Reader
by Abraham Kuyper, James D. Bratt

11. All Things New: Reform of Church and Society in Schleiermacher's Christian Ethics (Columbia Series in Reformed Theology)
by James M. Brandt

12. Amazing Grace in John Newton: Slave Ship Captain, Hymn Writer, and Abolitionist
by William E. Phipps, Gerald J. Smith, John Donald Wade

13. America's God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln
by Mark A. Noll

14. American Evangelicalism II: First Bibliographical Supplement, 1990-1996
by Norris A. Magnuson, William G. Travis

15. American Protestant Ethics and the Legacy of H. Richard Niebuhr (Moral Traditions Series)
by William Werpehowski

16. An Essential Unity: A Contemporary Look at Lutheran and Episcopal Liturgies
by David L. Veal

17. Anabaptists and Postmodernity (C. Henry Smith Series, vol. 1)
by Susan Biesecker-Mast, Gerald Biesecker-Mast

18. Ancient-Future Faith: Rethinking Evangelicalism for a Postmodern World
by Robert E. Webber

19. And a Little Bit Farther: More Stories of Mission "to the Ends of the Earth"
by Marj Carpenter

20. Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah's Witnesses
by M. James Penton, James M. Penton

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