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Without Walls: Breaking Free from Religions

by Randy White

Buy the book: Randy White. Without Walls: Breaking Free from Religions

Release Date: October, 1998

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Randy White. Without Walls: Breaking Free from Religions

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The actual title of this book is "Without Walls: God's Blueprint for the 21st Century Church". This book on restoration and evangelism ministries in Tampa, Florida is a great example of what can be done if people will get their focus on the comission of Christ. Recommended reading for any church seriously trying to reach its community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Rethinking Church

A church without walls. What a concept! This book reminds me of a church 2000 years ago that operated without walls. This is not to imply that a church should not own or rent a building (there are other books that do say this), but that church ministry must not take place ONLY within the walls of your facilities. In this awesome story about Randy White, he shares his victories (awesome!) and his failures. He even candidly discusses his marriage failure, in which he never passes the blame on anyone else exept himself. (That greatly impressed me.) I have given this book to several of our key leaders in our church and every one of them has been greatly impacted. The challenge has been accepted...the challenge to step outside our 4 walls and enter into the world...the world of hurting people...and touch their lives. We touch them in practical ways. We touch them in relevant ways. We touch them in spiritual ways. Being a church without walls is a messy mission. It's not neat and tidy like we'd all like. We must count the cost. But the fruit of seeing lives changed...of witnessing hurting people receive their healing...oh man, is it worth the price! Get this book. Give it to your church leaders. Just maybe your church will end up "without walls."

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