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Why Believe?

by Greg Laurie

Buy the book: Greg Laurie. Why Believe?

Release Date: May, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Greg Laurie. Why Believe?

This is a truly WONDERFUL book, buy it!

Christian books are a dime a dozen, as the cliche goes. Go to any bookstore, especially Christian bookstores, and you see a multitude saying "this about God" or "that about God." Yet most of them, while they have a good heart to them, dont click with me. I'm very narrow in what I want in a Christian book. I want intelligence. I want feeling. I want honesty. I want revelation. I want a book that will speak to my heart and soul and help me through my heart and soul to continue on fighting the day by day struggle we all go through. I want one that will help me think and will help me grow as a Christian.

Some of the books in the past that have helped me and have lived up to my expectations are Mere Christianity, Sacred Romance, No Wonder They Call Him the Savior, How Now Shall We Live, Messy Spirituality, and Disapointment with God. Yes that's quite a list, but considering the fact that a multitude of books come out each month...well...you get my drift...

Now I can with satisfaction add Why Believe by Greg Laurie to that list. He does not pull the punches, he does not give false expectations. He speaks from one seeker of the Lord to another. He looks at many of the questions you might ask and I know I ask at times. He then examines them, not just with his own thoughts but with a firm backing by the Bible. He doesn't just throw a verse or a psalm here and there, no, he gets right into the very thick of what the Bible...the TRUE word of God...says.

Even more this is not what one would call a giant book. It doesn't have to have hundreds and hundreds of pages to explain itself. Its actually tight, very specific, and very productive. I suggest anyone who has a willingness to ask the questions, to see that the Bible is the word of God and that salvation is by the Cross...only by the Cross...you will find a life jacket a life savior a life preserver here waiting for you.

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